High Tide Cleaning, LLC has partnered with Cleaning for a Reason, a nonprofit providing free house cleaning to cancer patients.

Owner Deirdre Farside understands how a cancer diagnosis and treatment can affect a person physically and emotionally and the importance of being supported when battling cancer.

Through a partnership with Cleaning for a Reason, High Tide Cleaning supports two homes per month for two consecutive months free of charge. This is an ongoing service to cancer patients residing in Cape May County.

“During this coronavirus pandemic, we are protecting our team members and our clients, especially the cancer patients we serve, by following CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are using an EPA-approved disinfectant, wearing masks and gloves, and social distancing when cleaning in a home.”

– Dee Farside, Owner

“One of the matriarchs of our family survived a double mastectomy and lived to 90 years old, exemplifying to us the pain, struggle, and joy of triumph over cancer. No matter where they are in their battle, those who fight this disease are warriors with amazing strength. We are privileged to celebrate their strength by serving those battling cancer in our community and by partnering with Cleaning for a Reason.”

– Dee Farside, Owner

A Company That Cares

High Tide Cleaning

“I started the business on my own, learning and honing my skills to provide top quality cleaning services. I was proud as one by one my kids grew older and joined my crew, always with the goal of being a source of ‘light’ and help to our clients first and foremost. Over 20 years later our business has grown, the kids have married, we’ve got new faces on our team, and our mission has remained the same: to work our hardest to clean to the highest standards with an attitude of gratitude and kindness in order to shine as a light in our community.”

– Dee Farside, Owner